Announcing partnership with Klimax

Orakl Network
Aug 23, 2023

Orakl Network team reveals collaboration with Klimax!


Klimax offers decentralized and perpetual exchange, traders can leverage trading at low fees with a ‘zero’ price impact.

The Klimax team leverages the Price Feed from the Orakl Network to serve as a reference for Klimax’s real-time price-following Oracle.

Klimax is keep monitoring the price on the Oracle above a certain range of price feeds from Orakl Network to ensure the reliability of the data.

👉 Klimax: Website | Medium | Telegram | Twitter

The Orakl network will continue to provide reliable data so that Klimax with zero-price impact can provide seamless service to users.

If you want to provide a data feed over the Orakl Network, please feel free to contact us through this link.

How do I find out more?

Twitter | Medium | Docs | Website



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