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2 min readOct 13, 2023

We’re delighted to introduce a groundbreaking partnership between Orakl Network and ZapankiSwap, to ground the cornerstone of gaming experience on the Klaytn Network.

ZapankiSwap is a decentralized multi-platform that operates on the Klaytn network, offering rewards through gaming and investments. Inspired by vending machines and designed to be user-friendly, ZapankiSwap is structured to allow everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge, to enjoy the benefits of blockchain within the ecosystem.

ZapankiSwap is poised to generate more secure and trustworthy random numbers by introducing one of the core features of the Orakl Network, VRF(Verifiable Random Function). This evidence is publicly accessible on the blockchain and is safe from manipulation, making it a reliable foundation for all participants in the gaming ecosystem of ZapankiSwap.

By integrating Orakl Network’s decentralized oracle network, Zapankiswap is now equipped to enhance all in-game mechanisms dependent on randomness. This significant development empowers Zapankiswap to tap into tamper-resistant and auditable sources of randomness, effectively reinforcing the integrity of its games.

Please keep an ear out for updates from ZapankiSwap as they continue to build their own ecosystem via implementing the features of the Orakl Network. Orakl Network will persistently support secure and reliable functions to help Zapankiswap realize its vision. Please check more information on Zapankiswap via below

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