Updating $MNR-KRW price-feed for Mineral Hub

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2 min readJul 26, 2023


Since the official launch of Orakl Network at Cypress Mainnet on June 28, the team has continued to discover new use cases.

Today’s post reveals collaboration with Mineral Hub, which is building an ecosystem through various blockchain games, such as Five Stars.

Mineral Hub

Mineral Hub is a global game ecosystem that uses Mineral tokens ($MNR) to discover and solve problems in blockchain games.

In 2023, Mineral Hub has been reorganizing Mineral Tokenomics with the global launch of its flagship Five Stars, and planning to develop its ecosystem, including DAO expansion and multichain compatibility, according to its ecosystem. Not long ago, at the end of June, Mineral Hub released the 2.0 version of the white paper containing the vision and roadmap of the Mineral Hub ecosystem on its official blog.

👉 Mineral Hub : Website | Medium | Telegram | Twitter | Five Stars

$MNR on Price-feed

Mineral Hub plans to on-board more games to the mineral ecosystem, including follow-up products which is using IP already recognized in the global market.

As the number of games in the Mineral ecosystem increases and the types of in-game assets also become diverse, it is necessary to bring up the exact token price to calculate the exact exchange cost for each assets. In this case, the ecosystem can use the price of Mineral tokens on the Orakl Network to increase the accuracy and fairness of token prices.

Orakl Network has been providing price information for $MNR-KRW pairs reliably since May 17th, and is ready to use price information in games and ecosystems in the future. You can check the contract status of the price feed here.

Orakl Network will continue to do its best to provide a reliable data feed for the Mineral ecosystem, along with increasing confidence in the price information of Mineral tokens to help increase token use.

Based on this price-feed onboarding, we hope that Mineral tokens will be listed on more exchanges in the future and used as goods within more diverse games to create a successful ecosystem.

If you want to provide a data feed over the Orakl Network, please feel free to contact us through this link.

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